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Magic Hair Finishing Stick

Hair Smoothing Cream

Magic Hair Finishing Stick

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 Does your hair look like withered grass? 

Our Anti-Frizz Hair Finishing Stick is your must-have hair touch up tool for moisture and styling, and to get rid of flyaways, baby hairs, and stray ends

Not as oily as ordinary hair wax and a gel cream, simply dip and gently wipe to make your perfect hairstyle in 2 seconds! 

Formulated with 100% natural essence of jojoba, avocado and camellia, it is safe to use without stimulation and greasy feeling, and keep your look fresh and confident for the whole day.  

With the lightweight and portable design like mascara, you can carry it in your handbag for easy hairstyling anywhere and anytime.  


  • Anti-Frizz Hair Stick :
    Makes disobedient flyaway hairs and stray ends smooth 
  • Easy to Use :
    Just dip and wipe to moisture and style your hair in 2 seconds

  • portable and Versatile :
    Lightweight, slim design for easy storage in a handbag 
  • Long-lasting Effect :
    A neat and fresh 
    look for the whole day without using hair gel/spray
  • Light and Moderate :
    Non-greasy and non-oily
    , unlike hair wax and gel cream

  • Safe and Chemical-free :
    Colorless and tasteless; formulated with plant-based extracts
  • Hypo-allergic :
    Applicable to all hair types
  • Upgrade brush head :
    No irritation
     to the scalp
  • Perfect for important/formal occasions :
    No trace or white debris left


  • Main Ingredients: Extracts of Jojoba, Avocado, Camellia, and other natural herbal essences  
  • Volume: 10g


  • 1pc x Magic Hair Finishing Stick
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