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LOOXPET Air Pump Suitable LP-1006

LOOXPET Air Pump Suitable LP-1006 0

LOOXPET Air Pump Suitable LP-1006

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Features and Details:

The aquarium air pump with two outlets can easily be inserted into several aquariums or aquariums through the silicone tube with two outlets. The length of the trachea and the location of the aquarium do not affect the airflow, and the air flows through the connected devices as needed.

Noise protection and shockproof. Powered by piezoelectric ceramic plates, inorganic oil and other contaminants. Due to its principle of operation, the air pump vibrates slightly during operation. In this case we added 4 rubber feet to the base to absorb the noise generated by friction. Put it on a blanket or mouse pad to make it quieter.

Product Description:

Easy to install
All accessories can be assembled in a few minutes. Please place the pump above the aquarium or the aquarium. You can also put a check valve between the air pump and the air stone to prevent it from sucking back.

Noise reduction
Rubber feet are added to the base to reduce noise. If you use it like a suction air pump for a long time, it won't fall off or vibrate when you work like a hook air pump.
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