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LOOXPET Dog Treat Ball Slow Feeder LP-1007

LOOXPET Dog Treat Ball Slow Feeder LP-1007 0

LOOXPET Dog Treat Ball Slow Feeder LP-1007

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Features and Details:

Reduce tiredness, anxiety and destructive behavior: With the "Pet Zone IQ Therapy Ball" your dog can stay mentally stimulated and physically active while playing. Exercise is done through exercise to keep the dog healthy. This enriches the pet's quality of life and promotes a healthy relationship between the pet and its parents.
Long Play: The aim of serving dog and cat snacks is to limit the number of snacks your pet can receive while increasing play time. Supervised competition is recommended.

Product Description:

The IQ therapy ball for the pet zone is an interesting alternative to the slow-feeding dog bowl, which can give the pet a healthy lifestyle. Add the dog's favorite snacks or grind to the dog toy ball and only let him eat what he hands out when you roll the snacks to hand out the dog toy. It can be filled with snacks or coarsely ground food and adjusted to the desired level of difficulty using the ball's adjustable inner disc. Our catering dog toys encourage active feeding, give your dog the exercise it needs and then reward him!

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