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Reflective Jacket

Reflective Jacket

Reflective Jacket

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Designed to be visible and easily spotted at a 2.5-mile distance.

When you’re cycling, running, walking, skateboarding, or involved in an accident at night, visibility is critical. Anything can happen at any time, and when drivers can’t see you, the results could be fatal. Our Reflective Jacket uses a special reflective fabric that activates in the dark when light hits it. Be seen and be safe with the Reflective Jacket.

The latest technologies to resist any extreme weather.

So practical that you don't notice that you are wearing it.

 Questions & Answers:

Who is the Reflective Jacket for? 
This is for all men and women, adults, or teenagers.

When to wear the Reflective Jacket?
This is the perfect piece for 
intensive running and biking sessions. Under the rain, cool mornings, evenings, and transitioning seasons.

How is it made?
This piece is constructed using military-grade materials that have extreme reflective abilities when exposed to artificial light. With an interior classic sleek grey pattern and a thick thermal reflective fabric this piece was designed specifically as a unique and reliable outer-layer.

Does it glow in the dark?
It is a reflective material, so it shines backlight pointed at it. It is guaranteed to start a conversation wherever you go.

Can I choose the color?
We only have 1 color available,  this is made to guarantee the most of its reflectivity.

I bought the wrong size what should I do?
No worries, simply email us and we will quickly find the solution to make you satisfied. We highly value our customer satisfaction. Here are the dimensions.

Reflective Jacket is designed for everyone sizes.

Our Email Support is here 24/7 to answer any of your questions.

Supplies at this price are limited. The price will be back to normal when the sale ends, place your order now to secure yours.

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